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Three generations of our family have provided quality legal representation in Trust, Estate and Guardianship matters in New York For over 90 years

Estate Litigation

Mr. Fishlin has extensive experience in the representation of beneficiaries who have been denied their fair share of an estate.

Mr. Fishlin also represents executors, personal representatives, and administrators of estates accused of breaching their fiduciary duty. Years of specialization in the estate litigation arena means that Mr. Fishlin knows what strategies and tactics work best when defending against these claims.

Mr. Fishlin is experienced in the following estate litigation areas:

  • Will Contests
  • Beneficiary Claims
  • The Validity of Wills (fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper will execution, testamentary intent)
  • Representation of Trustees, Executors Administrators and Personal Representatives
  • Trustees Administrators and Executors Accounts
  • Breach of a Fiduciary Duty
  • Estate Mismanagement
  • Family Disputes
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